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how it works
To begin the process, send an email to with the desired service in the subject line. Include a brief description of your document and all contact information in the body of the message. Attach a digital file of your work, if available. Proofing Plus accepts Word documents and PDF files.

After the work is done, clients receive a red-lined hardcopy of the submitted project showing all proofreading and line editing changes in addition to a finalized digital version (if one was submitted) incorporating same. Copy editing clients receive an additional report detailing our findings. Ebook formatting clients receive a ready-to-upload html file of their formatted work.

Proofing Plus accepts payment via PayPal™ only; clients need not have an account and may pay with a debit or credit card, or a virtual check. Projects up to $400 require full payment in advance. Jobs over $400 require a 50% deposit at the start of service, with the balance due upon delivery.

$1.00/page ($4.00/1,000 words)
Proofreading ensures your document is free of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and other mechanical errors.

line editing
$1.50/page ($6.00/1,000 words)
Line editing corrects tone and style inconsistencies, improves readability, and clarifies and strengthens your writing, all while preserving your "voice." The line editing service includes proofreading.

copy editing
$1.75/page ($7.00/1,000 words)
Copy editing offers suggestions for improvement in flow, plot, character, dialogue, and structure. The copy editing service includes proofreading and line editing.

ebook formatting
Ebook formatting prepares your manuscript for display on an ereader such as Kindle or Nook. Please note this service is for ready-to-publish items only. Ebook formatting does not include proofreading or editing.

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